About Center for Nonprofit Management

    Our Mission: To foster thriving communities in Southern California by ensuring that those leading nonprofit organizations have access to relevant knowledge, skill building, and reliable consulting resources.

CNM prepares nonprofits with the knowledge, skills, and networking necessary for them to lead their organizations and reach their mission goals. We are the go-to resource for nonprofit leadership, providing board members and management the skills necessary to develop themselves and their organizations.

About this Site

In 1998, CNM developed The Nonprofit Answer Book: An Executive Director’s Guide to Frequently Asked Questions. The book was inspired by our busy Nonprofit Manager’s Help Line and became one of the most popular resources we’ve ever produced.

But, a lot has changed since 1998. In a new economic landscape and an ever-changing nonprofit sector, we’re learning to do more with less. In turn, we need new tools to help make our collective passion for mission work.

Cause Communication logoOut of this need, and a collaboration with our friends at Cause Communications, the idea for a new and improved question and answer guide and companion website emerged.

The result? The 2-Minute Answer Guide for Nonprofits: Fast Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (available for purchase here).

We collectively tapped our network of leading nonprofit experts in the fields of Leadership, Boards & Governance, Evaluation, Communications, Technology and more to bring you timely and reliable answers to the questions you ask most. Even more, we’ve included advice from top nonprofit education partners, along with carefully selected and often little known online resources to help you build organizational capacity and make your organization the best it can be.