How can my nonprofit attract younger donors?

Reaching out to younger donors is an important fundraising strategy that should not be overlooked. Convio and Sea Change Strategies found that members of Generation Y and Generation X make up more than 50 percent of the potential pool of donors. Survey results found that younger people give to fewer groups but are more likely to give through multiple outlets, including online outlets.

Here are some ideas to help you generate younger donors.

Provide donors with the option of online giving. This increases your chance of reaching a diverse audience of potential donors. You can practice multiple approaches to reach a wider audience by strategically planning your social media outlets to direct traffic to your donation website. For example,  your donor may have first heard of your cause through a Tweet, motivating him to look at your Facebook page, designating him to the final donation website.

Research also found that younger donors use the Internet as a vehicle to advocate causes. Thirty-six percent of surveyors under 30 actively forwarded messages about charities and causes to a friend in a four-week time period and almost 47 percent responded positively to joining an organization’s Facebook group. Almost 30 percent actively shared information about a nonprofit on their own Facebook page.

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