My board does little more than show up to meetings and give the minimum yearly donation. How do I get them excited and more active in fundraising?

Board members are among the most valuable assets of an organization. It is well known in the field that the relationship with the board is most effective when a strong partnership exists between the executive and the management team, and especially the lead person involved in fund development.

The concept in this question about fundraising is getting the board excited. This translates into helping them connect with why they accepted a role in your organization in the first place. Think about how you and your team might do this; there are a number of ways. Think about what you would like to find out, including why they feel connected to the organization, what inspires them to continue their engagement, what they feel they can offer in terms of fundraising and what challenges they face. You can then explore how to address these challenges, including their willingness to partner with you in this aspect of the board’s responsibilities.

When you and your team understand the board member’s motivation, skills and concerns, you can develop resources and strategies collaboratively to meet the board’s fundraising goals. Always remember that they are looking to you and your team to leverage their work as board members and be sure to provide them with the information, tools and acknowledgement they need to do their work well.

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