What are best practices to engage my audience through social media?

Using social media can be an effective way to converse and collaborate with a community of like-minded organizations but “doing” social media involves a tactical approach beyond retweeting and accumulating “likes.”

To leverage full use of social media, implement a social media strategy with key areas of focus:

  • Vision
  • Goal
  • Target audience
  • Tools
  • Management
  • Metrics

To organize your approach, consider implementing an editorial calendar with important target dates and use a staff rotation schedule. Before using your social media accounts, staff should be well briefed on the access and rules, account management and content guidelines including tone and language.

Remember to actively link to videos, photographs, blogs, illustrations and infographics of importance and engage your audience with thoughtful comments and RTs. Don’t forget to complete the “about” and contact information section of your outlets before going live.

For more on building your strategic plan, read about the Dragonfly Effect.

Still stuck on the “what if” of the social media abyss? Check out Beth Kanter’s advice here.

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