What are characteristics of a great consultant?

Preparing for and participating in successful engagement with a consultant involves a number of key factors, one of which is having a sense of your criteria for who or which firm you want to work with.

Great consultants:

  • Demonstrate and practice strong listening skills
  • Address a problem or key issue of a project clearly to maintain client trust, reduce tension and build client’s confidence
  • Have theoretical and practical knowledge regarding best practices and solutions that have worked in the past and ideas on how to improve them
  • Are adept at delivering challenging information in a sensitive and constructive manner
  • Exercise flexibility and the ability to keep things on track
  • Build genuine trust with the client and prioritize the client’s needs
  • Create innovative solutions to complex problems, calling on situations from across the board to propose more than one practical solution

Which resonate the most for you?  Are there other lessons learned you can share about selecting consultants?

For additional information, read the CNM publication “Nonprofit Consultants – How to Choose Them, How to Use Them.”


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