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Evaluation for Nonprofits

If you’ve been in the business of running a nonprofit for more than a few years, you’ve probably noticed an ever-increasing emphasis placed on the value of evaluation. In the face of declining resources, your donors, the media, government and the public all want to know what’s working and the impact of your endeavors. There’s a good chance you do too. Evaluation can be a great tool to demonstrate the value of your programs.

So what’s the hold up? If yours is like a lot of nonprofits, the concerns probably have something to do with money, time, internal buy-in and, yes, apprehension about the results.

How can the Evaluation section help?

Here, we offer advice on why and how to overcome these obstacles. We’ll walk you through the basic steps of evaluation planning, clarify some of those evaluation buzzwords you’ve been hearing (perhaps we can interest you in a logic model?), and help you think through the roles of your staff, board and outside consultants.

Keep in mind that this section provides a top-level look at evaluation. It’s meant for those who are just starting to consider evaluation’s role in nonprofit programming. And, of course, we offer plenty of resources to help you dig deeper. By the end, we hope you’ll come to see that evaluation need not be scary; it’s just a tool to inform decision-making, and maximize efficiency and impact. And really, what change-seeking organization doesn’t want that?

Evaluation FAQ

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