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Leadership Trends & Tips for Nonprofits

It used to be that the head of an organization had to run day-to-day operations effectively. Bringing in the funds for programming and keeping folks happy were enough. Times have changed.

Today’s executive director must manage, of course; but that’s only a small part of the job. The tough part is evolving from manager to leader. It’s not about hierarchy. It’s about injecting your vision to advance mission throughout your organization.

What will you find in the Leadership section?

Here, we look at some of the trends and best practices in leadership. We know it’s not easy, so we offer up guidance and some of the best resources we know of to help make the transition. In fact, this entire website helps to support you in this effort. Whether it’s communications, fundraising or governance, we want everyone who cares about your mission to be guided by a bigger picture vision.

Leadership FAQ

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