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Legal Best Practices for Nonprofits

The decision to start and run a nonprofit may be one of the most important choices you’ll ever make. It usually takes a substantial commitment of time and energy, and requires that the interests of the mission be placed ahead of your individual interests. Establishing your legal structure and applying for tax-exempt status can be a major headache. However, taking the proper steps will help to position your organization for success in the long run.

Gaining 501©(3) status is only the beginning of your journey. Once you’ve launched, operating your nonprofit organization means you’ll need to understand a complex web of federal and state laws. Some – like employment laws – apply to any organization whether nonprofit or for-profit. Others apply uniquely to nonprofit organizations and are conditions to maintain your tax-exempt status.

How can the Legal section help your set up and operations?

It may not generate the kind of enthusiasm that thinking about your mission does, but carefully addressing and preparing for legal requirements will provide a solid foundation for carrying out the work that drives you. To support you in that effort, this section addresses common questions related to legally forming and operating a nonprofit organization.


The information on this site is general in nature and may not be applicable to all situations. In addition, laws change. You should refer to the most current editions of additional resources listed for each topic and consult with an attorney or accountant on important matters.

Legal FAQ

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