Are we ready to work with volunteers?

As your nonprofit grows, you’ll have a need to get more people involved to meet your objectives. While bringing on a volunteer or two doesn’t require too much organization, if you’re considering developing a more sophisticated volunteer program, you’ll want to assess your readiness to take on the task.

Here are three key questions to address before jumping into volunteer program development:

1. Do you have someone to recruit, select and supervise multiple volunteers? Volunteers are best evaluated, trained and managed by one representative within the organization. And the task of bringing on and managing volunteers requires planning and dedicated time.

2. Have you garnered staff and management support for your volunteer program? Getting the entire organization on-board and involved in creating an appropriate program is a key to success. Tap staff and management to develop a plan. Have them help establish goals for involving volunteers, to make sure goals are consistent with staff roles. Volunteers should be brought on to support staff positions, not infringe on them.

3. Do you have an orientation plan? Before you recruit volunteers, you’re going to want to develop formal procedures to help you orient volunteers to the organization and train them for specific job functions.

Managing People FAQ

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