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Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications for Nonprofits

You need to spread the word about your organization to raise money, but you don’t have any money to spread the word. So you’re left only to imagine what life would be like if everyone knew about your organization, the work it does, and why it’s so important. There’s a pretty good chance you’ve been there.

The truth is, for a lot of nonprofits, marketing and communications take a backseat to program activities. We get it. You’re driven by your mission, not by marketing. But effectively communicating about your organization will advance your mission. It’s how you get people behind your cause, raise political awareness, engage volunteers, stimulate giving, access institutional donors and, most importantly, connect with your beneficiaries.

There are also a lot of great reasons to hire a consultant for marketing and communications (and we explain the “why” and “how” of it here), but you may not be financially ready for that yet. That’s where we come in.

How can the Marketing & Communications section help?

Here, we’ve outlined the fundamental steps that go into strategic communications planning. We also share guidance on establishing a brand identity, developing key messages, positioning your organization for success and the importance of storytelling.

Marketing & Communications FAQ

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