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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Approaches for Nonprofits

Some folks will probably cringe when you raise the idea of strategic planning. They might say, “What’s the point when we already know what we’re doing?” “We’re already overworked, we don’t have time for that,” or, “That sounds great, but how do we do it?” Then there’s the ever popular, “But we already have a strategic plan. It’s on that shelf over there.” We address those points and more.

What will you find in the Strategic Planning section?

Here, we look at a few approaches to strategic planning. There are many options (and no, they don’t all take tons of time and paper), so you’ll ultimately need to determine what’s best for your organization. Still, there are many components that are common across strategic planning models – mission and vision identification, organization assessments, environmental scans, goal and objective development, and metrics, for example. We take a look at all of these here and serve up some user-friendly resources to help you drive things forward.

Strategic Planning FAQ

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