How can nonprofit executives use technology to maximize their effectiveness?

Technology is essential to your organization’s success. But how do you leverage it on a budget, for maximum results with minimal disruption to your operations?

Here’s how to make technology work for you and your organization:

  • Put your organizational goals first. Then, consider how you can integrate technology to help you reach your objectives. Weigh costs and benefits and use technology only where it makes sense for your organization.
  • Treat technology investments like any other operational expense. Create a budget for your technology needs. Plan for maintenance and upgrades and you won’t be surprised by unexpected expenses.
  • Investigate time- and cost-saving technology tools – such as wireless networks, instant messenger, online meeting tools and workspaces, constituent relationship management tools and more – to improve productivity and stretch limited resources. Look for compatible technologies that easily integrate together.
  • Consider adopting a virtual working environment. Taking on in-house employees can be cost-prohibitive for budget-conscious nonprofits. Virtual working environments allow remote workers and contractors to easily connect to the office regardless of time or geographical location.
  • Use affordable online marketing strategies as a way to balance the expense of traditional marketing. Build a website and use social media to maximize exposure and grow awareness about your mission.
  • Let technology ease the burden of tracking constituents, donations and more. Investigate low-cost management tools such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, intouchcrm, Click & Pledge, PayPal Donations, Google Checkout and the like. Visit for recommendations.


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