When is a nonprofit ready to adopt technology?

In a sector where financial support is typically directed to programming activities over innovation, nonprofits tend to lag behind their corporate counterparts when it comes to utilizing new technologies. As a result, they often remain tech-shy.

That said, there should be a place for technology in every nonprofit, regardless of type, size, operational budget or life stage. With limited time, resources and funding, the key is learning how to make technology work for your organization today, keeping an eye to the future.

Unsure how to take the first step? Think about how you can use technology to improve productivity and reduce costs, automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks, organize information, and engage your constituents.

You’ll also want to do your research to ensure you’re choosing technology that meets not only your budget but also your needs. To help make sense of the multitude of hardware, software, applications and networking options available, consider recruiting a professional to conduct a technology evaluation and help you understand how you can align your organizational goals with available technology.

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