Fortifying LA’S Nonprofit Organizations

What is the organizational capacity of Los Angeles County nonprofits?
What types of capacity building do they most need to enhance their
effectiveness? What kind and quality of capacity-building services are they
receiving? And how are funders helping to strengthen—or hinder—nonprofit
organizational performance?

To help answer these questions, the Weingart Foundation retained TCC
Group, a 31 year-old management consulting firm that serves funders and
nonprofits, to conduct a study of nonprofit capacity-building needs and
services in Los Angeles County
. Through surveys, phone interviews, focus
groups, and objective assessments, TCC heard from over 1600 nonprofit,
capacity-building, and philanthropic leaders in the region.

The study revealed that there is clearly much that can be done to strengthen
the organizational capacity and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations
in Los Angeles County. The capacity of capacity-building providers in the
region, in turn, also needs to be fortified.

We hope that you find this report to be illuminating and thought-provoking.
We want it to stimulate change that enables more Los Angeles County
nonprofit organizations to be well-led, reflective, sustainable, adaptive, and,
ultimately, achieve greater impact.

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