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As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the challenges other nonprofits face. We are made up of passionate, lifelong learners, who have years of experience working with leaders like you.

CNM consulting services are delivered with your unique goals in mind. Each engagement is customized to achieve the results and priorities that are most important to your board members and executive team.   Projects range from a one-day retreat to multi-year initiative with one group or cohort.

CNM consultants work closely with hundreds of local leaders each year to set goals, and strategies for moving forward. From data gathering and analysis, to drafting recommendations and implementation plans.

Find out how we can help you address your unique needs.

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CNM offers a comprehensive set of services designed for managers, executives, and board members, interested in more effectively pursuing their mission.

  • Seminars – On our campus or locations across the region
  • Customized Sessions at your site
  • Academies and Certificates
  • Online University

Southern California’s most respected nonprofit management faculty lead seminars designed to share knowledge, provide tools and techniques that will help you become a better leader.

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CNM Certified Coaches work one-on-one with executives, managers, and board members to support professional development, build confidence and resilience, and resolve short and long-term issues.

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Learn alongside your colleagues in a multi-day academy designed to go beyond the basics in a concise yet expansive program. CNM Academies help you find solutions to practical challenges and create value for your organization by building your professional toolkit.

The Benefits? A unique opportunity to build professional relationships, enhance your management skills, and invest in your future.

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Nonprofits are integral to California’s progress, we can help you make the most of your contribution.

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CNM is a comprehensive source for management education and consulting that helps nonprofit organizations achieve their goals.

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